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Kaos Hydra Silicone Eyelets Black XT11

Kaos Hydra Silicone Eyelets Black XT11

Teardrop shaped black silicone 'hydra' eyelets from Kaos Softwear. These have the familiar comfort you have come to know and love from Kaos Skin Eyelets and features not only the teardrop shape but also a thicker design to support the weight of all of your favorite hanging pieces from Arka!

Kaos Softwear is sized the American way, in gauge sizes. There are no 12mm Kaos plugs or tunnels, the closest is 1/2" (13mm) The sizes jump 8mm (0G), 10mm (00G) 13mm (1/2") 16mm (5/8")

Click here to see an image of these in the ear being used to wear hangers

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