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Ear Stretching and Neo Tribal Earrings

Lapis Lazuli Stone Plugs PSP22

Lapis Lazuli Stone Plugs PSP22

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Double flared flesh plugs in Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is a stunning blue natural stone with flecks of gold within it and has been a prized semi precious stone since antiquity, most famously used in Egypt and in the death mask of Tutnkhamun.
Lapis Lazuli has been considered a healing stone for millenia. It's been used by priests and healers throughout history. It is the classic 'spiritual' stone.


This item doesnt come in 12mm, it has been made according to the American 'gauge' size, and so it comes in at 1/2" which is 13mm. Double flared plugs should be removed from the ear regularly to prevent the lobe shrinking around the plug and making it difficult to remove.

Price: 2.95

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