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Silver Septum Ring 'Sardarshahar' SISR03

Silver Septum Ring 'Sardarshahar' SISR03
Silver Septum Ring 'Sardarshahar' SISR03 - view 1Silver Septum Ring 'Sardarshahar' SISR03 - view 2Silver Septum Ring 'Sardarshahar' SISR03 - view 3

Traditional sterling silver 1.2mm septum ring, this ring is nice and small with an internal diameter of only 8mm. Handcrafted by silversmiths in the traditional way in India using techniques which have been handed down over the centuries. Twist to open to insert into the piercing and apply some gentle pressure to re-close the ring.

Original septum rings must be bent open to insert them into the piercing. Always twist them open as shown in the picture below. If you bend them open in the other direction they will suffer metal fatigue and will not last as long.

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