Lobe Cuff in Brass

New design from Arka! Lobe Cuffs in Golden Brass. They are designed to wrap around the lobe and provide an interesting triangle effect above the cuff. This item only comes in one size, it is 20mm long and will happily sit in stretched ears of between 20mm and 28mm. 

If you have very thick lower lobes they might not fit as well around the lobe as on thinner lobes so bear this in mind. Measure the thickness of your lobe. The internal diameter of these cuff is 5mm.  Seeing as this is a new design and we will accept returns if you have any issues with it.

The design is similar to ear saddles but this is meant to be worn alone. It is not designed to hang items through it or spread weight. Do not wear if the cuff is too tight.  Sold individually.

Unless clearly stated otherwise,
the price is for one piece, not a pair.

£8.00 GBP
For 20mm and above
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