Lotus Hoops Wooden Ear Hangers

Hand carved wooden lotus hoop large gauge ear hangers. Engraved with lotus petals and a traditional spot design, these flesh plugs are made from the very strong dark Tamarind Wood, also known as Indonesian Asem wood. Available in 8mm to 20mm, the bigger sizes are very large and sure to make a statement!

The 8mm hoops are 6.5cm long and weigh 10g
The 10mm hoops are 7cm long and weigh 11g
The 12mm hoops are 7cm long and weigh 18g
The 16mm hoops are 8cm long and weigh 40g
The 20mm hoops are 9cm long and weigh 50g

Unless clearly stated otherwise,
the price is for one piece, not a pair.

£8.00 GBP
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