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Arka - Ear Stretching Jewellery and Tribal Earrings Shop in the UK.

Flesh Tunnels

Flesh tunnels and plugs in surgical steel and brass. We have externally and internally threaded tunnels, double flared and single flared eyelets.

Ear Stretchers and Spirals in Steel and Brass

316L Surgical steel ear stretchers and ear stretching jewellery. Steel tapers, spirals and stretching crescents. Also Brass spirals.

Wooden Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

Wooden ear stretching jewellery. Tribal Jewellery made from Narra wood, Areng wood, Sawo Wood, Coco wood and Oak flesh plugs and tunnels.

Ear Stretchers and Flesh Tunnels in Acrylic

Acrylic stretchers in a range of bright ultra violet colours, also non uv black and clear. Spirals, plugs and stretchers.

Glass Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

Glass flesh tunnels, tubes, plugs and ear expanders. Dichroic glass plugs. Swirled, blue, black, red and clear.

Organic Flesh Plugs and Tunnels

Organic Jewellery, hand carved buffalo horn with bone resin inlay. Flesh tunnels, plugs and spirals.

Large Gauge Earrings in Pairs

Tribal Earrings. Our selection of large gauge earrings which are sold in pairs. Most of our items are sold individually, but this section is for pairs only.

Graphic Flesh Plugs and Tunnels

Graphic plugs and tunnels. Some ultra-violet. Stars, ganesh, leopard print, zebra stripe, roses, flowers, flames and checks.

Silicone Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

Silicone flesh tunnels are soft and squidgy, ideal for sleeping in or wearing for sport. Very comfortable to wear. We sell 'Kaos Softwear' silicone.

Stone and Shell Flesh Plugs

Flesh plugs made from or including semi precious stones and shell. Opal, hematite, turqouise, amethyst, snowflake obsidian, lapis lazuli, white agate and mother of pearl plugs.

Tribal Brass Earrings

Tribal earrings in brass for standard ear piercings (non stretched). Nickel free brass with an antique finish.

Wooden Earrings, Organic Tribal Earrings

Wooden earrings, tribal earrings, hand carved organic jewellery. All these earrings will fit a standard ear piercing.

'Fake'  ear stretchers

Fake flesh tunnels and plugs. Fake ear stretching jewellery. These earrings will fit a standard ear piercing.

Tragus, Helix and Industrial Jewellery

Jewellery for your other ear piercings, Tragus jewellery, helix piercing, scaffold and industrial bars. Also micro labrets, bcrs and nose studs.

Clearance Lines

End of line items. Cheap flesh tunnels. Discounted items to clear. You will find some bargains here.

Ear Stretching Information

How to stretch your ears ?
Ear stretching advice and information.

Arka-Shop FAQ

Frequently asked questions.

Welcome to Arka

We sell quality ear stretching jewellery and tribal earrings for non stretched ears at the best prices together with speedy and reliable delivery. We are a small and enthusiastic team, based in Brighton, England and we deliver worldwide.

Buy online safely with us, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your jewellery. Please read the returns policy on the terms and conditions page for details of our no quibble guarantee.

Gauge size to millimeters

Gauge to Millimeters.
Americans tend to use use gauge sizes, in Europe its generally millimeters

18 gauge = 1.0mm
16 gauge = 1.2mm
14 gauge = 1.6mm
12 gauge = 2.0mm
10 gauge = 2.4mm
8 gauge = 3.2mm
6 gauge = 4.0mm
4 gauge = 5.0mm
2 gauge = 6.0mm
0 gauge = 8.0mm
00 gauge = 10.0mm
000 guage = 11.0mm

after '000' inches are used.

12mm = almost 1/2 inch
13mm = just over 1/2 inch
14mm = almost 9/16 inch
15mm = almost 19/32 inch
16mm = 5/8 inch
17mm = almost 11/16 inch
18mm = just over 11/16 inch
19mm = 3/4 inch
20mm = 25/32 inch
21mm = just over 13/16 inch
22mm = almost 7/8 inch
23mm = 29/32 inch
24mm = just over 15/16 inch
25mm = almost 1 inch
26mm = just over an inch
28mm = almost 1 1/8 inch
30mm = almost 1 1/4 inch
32mm = 1 1/4 inches
35mm = 1 3/8 inch
38mm = 1 1/2 inches
40mm = almost 1 5/8 inch
41mm = 1 5/8 inch
Customer Feedback

Its all genuine..

"Dear Arka, I'm writing to you only to say big thank you for the quality and speed my order has been processed. I've ordered a couple of stretchers and tunnels on a Sunday night, asking if it's possible to get it sent over to me before Thursday. To my surprise I've received the package on Tuesday morning - all the right stuff safety packaged. If only I could wish for other shops to take you guys as an example! Keep it up!"
Piotr UK

"Just wanted to share how delighted I've been with the delivery, packaging and products. I started stretching about 8 weeks ago and I'm up to a comfortable 0g now! Loving it and so tempted to go bigger! Pity for my small ear lobes! But I've done every bit of it through Arka and I couldn't be more pleased that I did! Great products; great service; great prices! Thanks you lot xx" Duncan UK

"Hello Mark! Again I must commend you on your fantastic speedy service. I got them today and I am well pleased with my purchase! The mega bling ones are just what I was looking for to shut people up about plugs being not pretty! Thanks again, sure i'll be ordering more when the time comes round. Kind regards" Danielle UK

"Hi Mark, just wanted to say thanks for getting my tunnels and plugs to me so quickly It was quite outstanding, standard recorded devilery and they were here this morning when i only ordered them yesterday morning! Anyways thanks a lot," Jon UK

"Just thought I'd tell you how much better your site is than all the other sites for a beginner to ear stretching, like me. "
Keep up the good work!" Danny, UK

"You should have a section for the reviews of your customers. I would be more than happy to say that your business are extremely professional and reliable. Thanks for the speed and good work, I will recommend your site to my friends." Walace, UK

"Hi Mark, Many thanks, items received this morning. Can I just say that your postage rates/times are fantastic, such a delight to know that within a few days from placing order we get the items. Many thanks. Louise. UK"

"Just to let you know my order arrived this morning! That was a really quick turnaround. The items were well packaged and arrived in excellent condition. I'm so, so pleased with my blue glass hooks and stretchers. The only problem is my daughter wants them off me... so I'll definitely be ordering again. Many thanks for a courteous, smooth and hassle free transaction. Best wishes " Michelle, Middlesbrough

"So far your site is the only one that is responsible with both in stock products and efficient delivery, Cheers" Steve, New York, USA

"Hey there Mark, I just wanted to let you know that I received the jewellery yesterday and that I absolutely love it. Your customer service is fab and I will most definitely be using Arka in the future. Thank you so much. All the best, Christine

"Good morning Mark, I just wanted to say that I have received my earrings on the 18th of December; they are exactly what I was expecting and looking for. They also arrived in the time frame provided which is great. Thank you very much for the prompt service and Happy Holidays! " Melyssa, Canada

"Hiya, Just wanted to say thanks for the fast delivery of my plugs - within 2 days! I love them and havent seen them anywhere else before. The Dichroic glass plugs especially are beautiful and very effective - will be buying from here again and definatley recomending you to others.
Thanks again !" Alix

"Just wanted to say thank you for all the support i have gained here. i will definately buy my next tunnels on this website." Daniel, Denmark

"I have just received my stretcher this morning and wanted to say what an excellent efficient service you provide.I will certainly use you again and tell my friends. Thank you." Kay, Hull

"Hi Mark, Just thought I'd drop you a line to say ta very much for the voucher you sent, tis good to feel like a valued customer! Anyway, I'll be sure to use it on my next order, thanks again man. Congrats on a nice looking site, and consistently good service by the way!" Ross, Brighton, UK

"Thank you very for the quick and hassel-free service. It arrived quickly and by recorded post. I will definatley recommend you to other people. Thank you again." Rebecca, Frinton, UK

"Hi! I just received my order yesterday - and I am very happy with everything. Thank you so much for such good service! I've never ordered anything online, and you made it so easy. I will definately be ordering more!" Cathy, Pennsylvania, USA

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for my order. We spoke a couple of times on the phone and I thought I was being a pain but you were very gracious and very helpful.I would definately recommend (and already have!) your website and service to my friends as I have been very impressed." Steve, Essex, UK

"Mark, Just a quick note to say thanks, my dragon stretcher arrived today, and it's so beautiful. and definitely worth the price. I was surprised how quickly it got here, coming from over seas! I am sure you will hear from me again, Thanks, " Rochelle USA

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the flesh tunnels and plugs I purchased last week. In particular the Indian God Flesh Tunnel Vishnu. I couldnt believe the quality of them for a start, the detail is amazing and exactly how it looks in the photo! Anyway, too many customers complain and when its justified none give praise so I wanted to buck the trend. Many thanks to all of you at ARKA. Ryan UK