ecological packing

Our Green Policy

Since 1st Jan 2008 for post and packing we have used 100% biodegradable boxes, envelopes, bubble wrap and packing sheets. Since 2018 we have also used biodegradable 'inspection bags', which means everything we send you (except the jewellery!) is biodegradable and can be composted.

These materials are more expensive than the cheaper non degradable envelopes, bubble wrap and alternatives other companies use. We don't use flashy branded bags on purpose. We are paying a little more to protect the environment from more plastic rubbish. 

Bio degradable boxes and padded envelopes

Our boxes and envelopes are 100% bio-degradable and made from 75% recycled materials (the rest from sustainable sources). We used to use the cheaper 'mail lite' padded envelopes, like other companies do, but the plastic in these is not bio-degradable. We make a small charge for postage because of this extra expense. Unfortunately being eco friendly is a little more expensive. We are now using more boxes than padded envelopes.

Inspection bags

We ship items in sealed clear plastic bags so you can inspect the item before opening it. Our inspection bags are made from fully biodegradeable and compostable plastic.


biodegradable packing

Bio degradable bubblewrap

We use this only when necessary. It is made from Sancell bio-degradable film. We used to use standard bubble wrap, which is not bio-degradable. As our business grew, we realised how much of this stuff we were using, and realised "this is all just going in the ground." Even if the boxes, envelopes and bubble wrap we use now, do just go straight in the ground, without being re-used, they will quickly bio-degrade.

Other packaging

We also use fully recyclable packing paper. Delicate items may be wrapped inside a section of strong cardboard tube.

Sustainable wood supplies

The amount of wood needed to make flesh plugs is obviously very small compared to furniture or floor boards, a single branch would probably make enough plugs for us for a year, however we have still made sure our suppliers are harvesting wood in a sustainable manner. Rest assured, none of the wood used in our products are prohibited or harvested by any illegal means. Our suppliers give back what they take in a continued effort to regenerate the wood used. They have a 2 for 1 policy in which they guarantee that they plant two trees back for every tree used in production. Our Oak plugs are made from reclaimed Oak.

The woods we use are safe for wearing. Remember however, this is a natural, organic product, and there is a chance that some individuals will be more sensitive than others to different types of wood. If you show any signs of allergy to a wooden item, take out the jewellery immediately and try another wood or a different material.

These are the main woods we use;

Scientific name: Diospyros Confertiflora.
Scientific name: Pterocarpus Indicus.
Scientific name: Cocos Nucifera.
Scientific name: Cocos Nucifera.
Scientific name : Manilkara zapota.

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