From 1st January 2021 the UK is sadly no longer in the EU Customs Union and therefore if you are one of our many customers from the EU your order might be taxed at customs and incur a fee. 

Please be aware that your orders will therefore not be arriving as quickly and easily as they did before the UK left the EU.

Fees may vary from Country to Country and you should understand the regulations and possible charges where you live before making your order. We are unable to tell you at the moment how much these fees will be if they are applied.

Sadly Arka cannot pay any fees on your behalf and therefore you will be responsible for paying any applicable customs fees.

If there are fees to pay you will be contacted by the postal service and will need to pay those fees before the delivery can happen. 

If you are outside of the EU then nothing will change and the service will be the same as it was before..



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