The Arka Side of Life

The Kali Yantra : A Meditation on Shakti

A Yantra is a mystical spiritual design, originating from the Tantric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Kali is the most powerful form of Shakti.

Environmentally Friendly Packing

Now all the packing we use, everything we send you (apart from the jewellery) is biodegradeable and compostable!

The Sacred Yew Tree. The Tree of Life and Death.

Most church yards have an ancient Yew Tree in the cemetery. The priests don't seem to know the reasons why all their churches have Yew trees, they say its just traditional, but they don't really know why. Recently the reason seem to have been remembered.

Caring for Brass, Silver and Wooden Jewellery

Brass Jewellery Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It has been used for thousands of years all over the world to make jewellery. Brass does not rust but... Read More

The 'Flower of Life' Design

You will probably have seen this design popping up in some of our jewellery and in lots of tattoos and in case you are wondering here is a short explanation of what this design is.

Tattoos in Ancient Britain

In around about 1580 the artist John White produced a picture of how he imagined a Pictish woman would have looked using historical descriptions by Julius Caesar and others.

Threadless Piercings, Easy and Secure!

Threadless piercing systems are becoming very popular because of the ease in which you can change the ends of your piercings. 

Fibonacci Spirals Everywhere, Shells, Galaxies and Earrings!

There is a certain spiral based on really simple mathematics which appears everywhere in the natural world from the very small to the very, very big.

Whats the difference between Ear Weights and Ear Hangers?

The simple answer is that ear hangers are hanging earrings for stretched ears which do not weigh much more than a pair of standard earrings would weigh.

The beauty of labret piercings; ancient and global

'Labret' comes from the Latin 'Labrum' meaning lip. So a labret piercing is any piercing of the lip, but typically it is the piercing of the lower lip, below the actual lip and in the centre of the chin.
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