Ear Saddle Plugs in Brass

Ear saddle plugs weights can be worn in the lobe on their own or used to hang ear weights or earrings over them. When using them as a hanger, they do the job of spreading the weight along the bottom of the lobe rather than it being concentrated at just one point. They also look pretty cool on their own.

Unlike regular flesh plugs and tunnels the sizing does not have to be precise. The size listed is the minimum required hole size, but they can be worn in larger stretches. Some people like the look of them hanging low in larger stretches, so they buy a size smaller than the size they are at.

However they are not very heavy, so they do not sit well in much larger stretches without an additional weight hung through. Other people like them to fit tight and high in the lobe, in that case buy some which are the size of your stretch. Sold singly (not in pairs)

Unless clearly stated otherwise,
the price is for one piece, not a pair.

£8.00 GBP
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