Stacking Rings for Stretched Lobes

Ring Stack, for wearing on their own or with weights or hangers. This is a set of 5 (individual) quality hinged segment rings in Surgical Steel 316L. They are 2mm thick which makes them more suitable for stacking than thinner 1.2mm or 1.6mm clicker rings.

Stack rings can be worn on their own or styled together with weights or hangers. Wear as many as you like on each lobe... mix them up and create your own look. Stretches of around 12mm can take 5 rings. Larger stretches can take 10 or more.

Choose between 8mm or 10mm diameter rings depending on the thickness of your lobe and how loose you want the rings. You can measure around your lobe, to find its circumference, with a piece of string (see the diagram in the pictures) and then line that up against a ruler. 

The 2mm x 8mm diameter rings have an internal circumference of 25mm
The 2mm x 10mm diameter rings have an internal circumference of 31mm

Lobe Circumference
(not your stretch size)
very loose  loose  snug
Up to 22mm 10mm 8mm
22mm - 27mm
28mm - 32mm

 This chart gives an approximate guideline

This item comes in packs of 5

Unless clearly stated otherwise,
the price is for one piece, not a pair.

£33.00 GBP
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